Plant Biotechnology

Plant Molecular Biology

Plant Molecular Biology includes products for plant nucleic acid purification, isolation and amplification. Plant Molecular Biology products support PCR, genotyping, genetic mapping, sequencing, cloning, gene expression and analysis, and protein expression and analysis. The product highlights section includes products for high throughput gel-based RT-PCR applications, extraction of genomic DNA from plant leaves to PCR, and purification of genomic DNA from a variety of plant species.

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From leaf tissue to PCR in under 15 minutes For purification of genomic DNA from a variety of plant species cDNA to Protein in Less than a Day...No Cloning!
Plant PCR Kit Plant Genomic Kit GenElute™ mRNA
Miniprep Kits
Spectrum Plant Total RNA Kit   
The total RNA
purification method for
difficult plant tissues
The real-time DNA
extraction and
amplification kit
mirPremier® microRNA
Isolation Kit