Plant Molecular Biology

Maize SSR Primer

Using the Maize SSR Primer Set to screen SSR markers for mapping projects:

  • Reduces the upfront costs of custom oligos synthesis. 
  • Reduces the time and labor involved in compiling primer sequences from SSR databases and assembling custom oligo orders
  • Virtually eliminates human error inherent in diluting and aliquoting large sets of primers.

Product Format
The Maize SSR Primer Set has 384 unique primer pairs contained in four 96-well plates. The primers are shipped lyophilized at 50µM/200µl and are easily reconstituted with TE buffer. Working stocks of 2.5µM are created with a single dilution an additional 96-well PCR plates are included with each set.

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plate1 plate2 plate3 plate4

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Don't need 384 primers? Even if you used only half of the Set, you could still save time and money.

Order Information

Product No. Product Name Package Size
M4193 Maize SSR Primer Set 1 Set

Also Available

Product No. Product Name Package Size
M8818 Maize Polymorphic SSR Primer Set 1 Set

Sample Data

Screening for Polymorphic SSRs

Figure 1. Eight primer pairs from the Set were used to screen SSR markers in two parental lines (P1 and P2) and the hybrid (F1).