Plant Molecular Biology

mirPremier® microRNA Isolation Kit

The mirPremier microRNA Isolation Kit employs a novel purification chemistry to isolate miRNAs and other small RNAs in a simplified and streamlined manner, without using phenol and chloroform. A biological sample is lysed in a lysis mix that releases small RNA and, at the same time, inactivates ribonucleases, as well as interfering secondary metabolites, that may exist in plant tissues. Large RNA and genomic DNA remain insoluble and are removed from the lysate along with other cellular debris in a short centrifugation.

Isolation of small RNA's from difficult to extract plant tissue
100 mg of young leaves were ground to a fine powder in liquid nitrogen. Sigma's mirPremier® microRNA Isolation Kit (Product No. SNC10) was then used to extract the microRNA. The microRNA was extracted in an elution volume of 50 µl. 2.5 µl of the eluted sample from each species was loaded and run on a 15% denaturing gel Lane (1) rice leaf; (2) cotton leaf; (3) maize leaf; (4) chilli leaf; (5) papaya leaf; (6) eggplant leaf; (6) jatropha leaf; (7) sugarcane leaf; (8) tobacco leaf.