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The Spectrum Plant Total RNA Kits are available in 3 different sizes. Each kit contains all reagents and components sufficient for the number of total RNA purifications indicated.

Product Number Kit size sufficient for:
STRN10-1KT 10 total RNA isolations, each from up to 100 mg of tissue
STRN50-1KT 50 total RNA isolations, each from up to 100 mg of tissue
STRN250-1KT 250 total RNA isolations, each from up to 100 mg of tissue

While the Spectrum Plant Total RNA Kit removes nearly all genomic DNA during the purification protocol, trace amounts may remain in certain preparations. Due to the sensitivity of PCR, trace amounts are still capable of providing sufficient template for Taq amplification.

A common approach to prevention is the use of DNase I to digest any genomic DNA that may be present. We offer this enzyme in two formats; one intended for use while the RNA is bound to the purification column and one intended for use in solution, after the RNA has been eluted. In general terms, on-column DNase digestion is faster and more convenient, while DNase digestion in solution is absolute. The decision of stringency required vs. preferred format should be based on experimental goals .

Product Number sufficient for:
DNASE10-SET 10 on-column digestions
DNASE70-SET 70 on-column digestions
AMP-D1 treatment of 1000 µg of purified total RNA

It is worth mentioning that another mechanism used to prevent possible amplification of genomic DNA involves primer design (there are many good web references on this subject). One practice widely recommended is primers designed (at least one of a pair) to span exon/exon junctions.

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