Plant Molecular Biology


The real-time DNA extraction and amplification kit

The SYBR Green Extract-N-Amp Plant PCR Kit dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to generate usable data when compared to conventional and kit methods for plant genomic DNA purification. The protocol is appropriate for researchers who are amplifying genomic DNA from plant leaf tissue.

Faster results enable quicker decisions; hours saved add up to weeks saved. With the fastest extraction and real-time PCR coupled protocol, what will you do with your extra time?

Product Description

The SYBR Green Extract-N-Amp Plant PCR Kit extracts genomic DNA from plant leaf tissue in 15 minutes. The resulting genomic DNA is then used as a template for PCR. The protocol does not purify genomic DNA. The Extract-N-Amp method releases genomic DNA from tissue and allows for real time PCR to occur in the presence of cellular debris. The Kits contain extraction reagents and an optimized PCR mix that is a blend of Taq, JumpStart™ antibody, SYBR Green dye, dNTPs and balanced salts. The researcher inputs their plant leaf tissue and gene-specific primers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (113 Kb PDF)

Instruction Manual (77 Kb PDF)