Whole Genome Amplification

GenomePlex® Products

Sigma-Aldrich has a dedicated team of R&D scientists committed to providing you best-in-class products for whole genome amplification. We continue to expand and enhance our WGA product line to offer you a range of solutions for whole genome amplification from a variety of starting material. The WGA family of products includes:

WGA1 GenomePlex Whole Genome Amplification Kit  
WGA2 GenomePlex Complete Whole Genome Amplification Kit  
WGA4 GenomePlex Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification Kit 
WGA3 GenomePlex WGA Reamplification Kit  

The GenomePlex WGA Kit (WGA1) contains all the necessary reagents to perform fragmentation and library preparation reagents. The kit does not include an enzyme, allowing the customer the flexibility of using their amplification enzyme of choice.

The GenomePlex Complete WGA Kit (WGA2) contains the same reagents as the WGA1 Kit, in addition to an optimized enzyme, WGA DNA Polymerase. This enzyme provides for increased accuracy in amplification, as evidenced by producing no amplicon in the negative control reactions.

The GenomePlex WGA Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification Kit (WGA4) includes all of the reagents necessary for cell lysis and whole genome amplification of genomic DNA from a single cell.

The GenomePlex WGA Reamplification Kit (WGA3) allows subsequent reamplifications of the initial WGA product. The successive reamplifications provide DNA with minimal genetic bias when compared to the original genome. The reamplification kit contains the WGA DNA Polymerase and the 10X Master Amplification Mix.

Whole Genome Amplification KitComplete Whole Genome Amplification KitWGA Reamplification KitSingle Cell WGA KitGenomePlex® Whole Genome Amplification Product Selection Chart

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