Whole Genome Amplification

Hybridization Data

Accurate Amplification Preserving Genome Representation

The GenomePlex Single Cell WGA (WGA-4) provides accurate and unbiased amplification that preserves the original genome representation.

Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification Microarray Data

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Normal and tumorigenic human kidney cells were amplified using the GenomePlex Single Cell WGA Kit and purified. The chromosomes were hybridized and each particular chromosomal location was analyzed. The control sample shows that normal chromosome 3 amplifies equally. This amplification is represented by the data falling within the upper limit (green line) and lower limit (red line). Therefore, the amplification was accurate and unbiased and it has not affected the original genomic representation contained in chromosome 3. When looking at the abnormal chromosome 3 for the kidney tumor cell we would expect to see under representation in the location depicted by the red bar. The results of this amplification match the results obtained from the microarray assay. Overall, this data shows that GenomePlex technology accurately amplifies genomic material while preserving under-representation in the expected under-represented region of chromosome 3 for the kidney tumor cell.

Data is courtesy of Dr. Michael Speicher from Institute Human Genetics, TU Munich.

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