Whole Genome Amplification

WGA Reamplification Kit

The GenomePlex® WGA Reamplification Kit (WGA3) allows subsequent reamplifications of the initial WGA product. The successive reamplification provides DNA with little genetic bias when compared to the original genome. The Reamplification kit contains the WGA DNA Polymerase and the 10X Master Amplification Mix.

The GenomePlex® WGA family of products are derived from the proprietary amplification method that is based upon random fragmentation of the genome into a series of overlapping, short templates. The resulting shorter DNA strands are efficiently primed and amplified to generate a library of DNA fragments with defined 3 primed and 5 primed termini, the OmniPlex® library. This library is replicated using a linear, isothermal amplification in the initial stages, followed by a limited round of geometric (PCR) amplifications.

WGA has been used in a variety of applications,1, 2 and is suitable for use with purified genomic DNA from a variety of sources including blood cards, whole blood, buccal swabs, soil, plant, and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. GenomePlex WGA uses nanogram quantities of starting genomic DNA, which after PCR yields 5 to 10 µg of WGA product. After purification, the WGA product can be analyzed in a manner similar to any genomic or chromosomal DNA sample. A number of downstream applications may be performed including TaqMan® assays, CGH analysis, SNP analysis, sequencing, etc.


  • Maintain representation of the entire genome through subsequent reamplifications
  • Preserve precious source material by amplifying nanogram amounts of starting genomic DNA into microgram yields (on average up to 500-fold) in less than three hours

Unlimited Yield with Consistent Representation

       Expected Allele Bias after Successive Reamplification

Whole genome amplification using GenomePlex WGA Reamplification (WGA3) allows multiple rounds of reamplification with relatively consistent representation of input DNA.

10ng of human genomic DNA was amplified with the GenomePlex WGA Kit (WGA1) in duplicate. Subsequent rounds of reamplification were preferred with the WGA Reamplification Kit (WGA3). Results show consistent genomic representation even after five successive reamplifications.


Ordering Information

Product Code Product Name Technical Bulletin
WGA-3 GenomePlex® WGA Reamplification Kit

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