Whole Genome Amplification

WGA Technology


  • Microgram or milligram yields of DNA from nanogram levels of starting material
  • Whole genome amplification in less than three hours
  • Accurate & robust amplification of genomic DNA from any source
  • Amplified DNA compatible with numerous downstream applications


Rapid & Robust Amplification with GenomePlex WGA

Proprietary amplification technology based on the random fragmentation of genomic DNA. The result is an OmniPlex library consisting of molecules flanked by universal priming sites.

Following generation of the OmniPlex library, fragmented molecules may be amplified by PCR or stored for future use.

Whole Genome Amplification Within 3 Hours

Abundant Yield from Minimal Amounts of DNA

Enhancing Results in Multiple Research Areas

Unlimited Genetic Analysis of Amplified DNA


  • BeadArray
  • TaqMan
  • SNP-IT
  • STR microsatellite analysis


Mutation Discovery

  • Highthroughput heteroduplex analysis
  • Chromosome painting and CGH



  • Cloned products
  • PCR products


Suitable with a Variety of Research Areas


  • Population studies
    Analysis of depleted/degraded normal samples, and small samples such as buccal swabs

  • Target discovery
    Profiling of genetic data

  • Pharmacogenomics
    Genotyping of clinical trial populations

  • Microbiology
    Identification and study of viruses, bacteria, and fungi