GenomePlex® Whole Genome Amplification Kit

The GenomePlex® Whole Genome Amplification Kit (WGA1), contains all the necessary reagents to perform fragmentation and library preparation reagents. The kit does not include an enzyme, allowing the customer the flexibility of using their amplification enzyme of choice.

GenomePlex® WGA family of products are derived from the proprietary amplification method that is based upon random fragmentation of the genome into a series of overlapping, short templates. The resulting shorter DNA strands generate a library of DNA fragments with defined 3 primed and 5 primed termini, the OmniPlex® library. This library is replicated using a linear, isothermal amplification in the initial stages, followed by a limited round of geometric (PCR) amplifications.

WGA has been used in a variety of applications, 1, 2 and is suitable for use with purified genomic DNA from a variety of sources including blood cards, whole blood, buccal swabs, soil, plant, and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. GenomePlex® WGA uses nanogram quantities of starting genomic DNA, which after PCR yields 5 to 10 µg of WGA product. After purification, the WGA product can be analyzed in a manner similar to any genomic or chromosomal DNA sample. A number of downstream applications may be performed including TaqMan® assays, CGH analysis, SNP analysis, sequencing, etc.

  • Choose from a variety of DNA sources: whole blood, buccal swab, blood card, plant, soil and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue

  • Enjoy the compatibility GenomePlex® provides with many downstream applications: TaqMan® assays, SNP analysis, sequencing or store at -20 °C for future use

  • See a complete representation of the entire genome with no detectable allele bias

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Achieve high yield over a wide range of DNA concentrations

Effect of Input Template Amount

Whole genome amplification using GenomePlex® WGA technology requires only nanogram amounts of genomic DNA while still achieving yields similar to traditional PCR.

Lanes 1, 2: no template
Lanes 3, 4: 1 pg DNA
Lanes 5, 6: 10 pg DNA
Lanes 7, 8: 100 pg DNA
Lanes 9, 10: 1 ng DNA
Lanes 11, 12: 10 ng DNA
Lanes 13, 14: 100 ng DNA

WGA was performed on increasing concentrations of human genomic DNA. Amplification product can be detected on an agarose gel with as little as 10 pg of input DNA. Optimal performance is found with 1 to 10 ng of starting material. Increasing the amount of input DNA to 100 ng is not recommended.

Complete representation of the original input genome

GenomePlex® WGA affords representative amplification of the original input DNA without significant loci bias.

The GenomePlex® WGA DNA is highly representative of starting genomic material, with every locus characterized. The representation for eighty different human loci was normalized to an unamplifed human DNA control. Loci were selected from National Center for Biotechnology UniSTS database. All tested loci were found in the WGA final product – no dropouts were detected in the 80-member test panel.

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Performance of DNA Amplified with GenomePlex® WGA Identical to Non-Amplified DNA

A blood sample was isolated for genomic DNA using the GenElute™ Blood Genomic DNA Kit (NA2000). 10 ng of genomic DNA was amplified using the GenomePlex® WGA kit (WGA1) followed by purification using the GenElute™ PCR Clean Up Kit. SNP genotyping analysis was performed on non-amplified DNA and GenomePlex® amplified DNA. GenomePlex® WGA DNA genotyping results provided the same accuracy and quality of scores to non-amplified DNA.

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Ordering Information
Product Code Product Name Technical Bulletin
WGA-1 GenomePlex® Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) Kit

GenomePlex and OmniPlex are Registered Trademarks of Rubicon Genomics. This product is for research use only. Use of this product for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic purposes requires licensing from Rubicon Genomics, Inc. Unauthorized use violates proprietary rights of Rubicon Genomics, Inc (www.rubicongenomics.com).

TaqMan® is a registered trademark of Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.

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