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Bioactive Nutrient Explorer

Bioactive Nutrient Explorer

The Bioactive Nutrient Explorer (BNE) allows researchers to identify the bioactive components of medicinal plants and functional foods that are available from us. It is an interactive database of over 550 plants, including most common spices, fruits, and vegetables, as well as many of the medicinal herbs used in the traditional medicines of India, China, Africa, and Latin America.

For each plant, the bioactive nutrients are grouped by structural family and also by their location in the plant, e.g., herb (leaves, stems, stalk), root, bark, flower or bud, fruit, seed, etc. The BNE also allows the researcher to search for bioactive compounds having a given chemical structure, such as anthocyanidin or monoterpene, and then to identify plants containing those constituents. The researcher can also use the BNE to search for plants with physiological activities of interest. It's an ideal tool for nutrition scientists, food analysts, medical researchers, and plant biologists and biotechnologists.

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