Nutrtion Research

BN Explorer Tutorial

Use the Quick Search to search for chemicals and plants by common names. The database includes synonyms for chemicals and Latin names for plants.

The Guided Search assists you in looking for:


  • Chemicals by structural families and classes
  • Plants that demonstrate a desired physiological activity

Each selection guides you closer to your desired list of products or plants, while allowing you to see alternative selections for backtracking and additional searches.

New Product Detail and Plant Detail pages display content with a cleaner look and less maneuvering. Product Detail Pages show you structure family, class and sub-class, alternative synonyms, and plants that contain the specific compound. View All Products to see the Product Table with product descriptions and brands.

Plant Detail pages include common and Latin synonyms and associated physiological activities. The chemical compounds located per plant and (when known) compartment (herb/leaf, seed, root) are also listed. Selecting a compound takes you to the appropriate Product Table.

The Product Table lists the related products offered by Sigma-Aldrich. Comparative product descriptions and brands make your final selection easy. To place an order or see pricing and availability, simply highlight your product choice and click "Select a product from above and click here to purchase."

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