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Plant Profiler



The Plant Profiler is a collection of monographs for 40 different plant species. The high quality, evidence-based information on each Plant Profiler monograph is gathered by Natural Standard, the authority on integrative medicine. Natural Standard is a group of clinicians and researchers that systematically gathers scientific data on medicinal plants and functional foods, frequently studied for their therapeutic effects. The scientific data gathered by Natural Standard undergoes blinded editorial and peer review.

Each Plant Profile contains:

  • Synonyms and common names, and related terms 
  • Mechanisms of action for the plant's pharmacological properties
  • Mechanism of action for the plant's pharmacodynamic properties
  • Our bioactives found within each plant
  • References with links to PubMed abstracts


The Plant Profiler enables food scientists, alternative medicine researchers, plant biotechnologists and nutrition scientists to gain a better understanding of their plant of interest and find our bioactive compounds for future research studies.

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