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Guggul (Commiphora mukul)

Commiphora mukul
Synonyms / Common Names / Related Terms
African myrrh, Arabian myrrh, Commiphora myrrha, guggal, Guggulu, guggulsterone (4,17(20)-pregnadiene-3,16-dione), gum guggul, gum guggulu, guggulsterone, gugulimax, guggulipid C+, guglip, gum myrrh, fraction A, myrrha, Somali myrrh, yemen myrhh.

Mechanism of Action


  • Lipid-lowering effects: Guggul (gum guggul) is a resin produced by the mukul mirth tree. Guggulipid is extracted from guggul using ethyl acetate. The preparation produced by extraction with petroleum ether is called a fraction A. Typical guggulipid preparations contain 2.5-5% of the plant sterols guggulsterones E and Z. These two components have been reported to exert effects on lipids.12,13 Several hypotheses have been advanced to explain these effects on lipids. Guggulsterones, particularly guggulsterone (4,17(20)-pregnadiene-3,16-dione), have been reported to function as antagonists of the farsenoid X receptor (FXR) and the bile acid receptor (BAR), nuclear hormones which are involved with cholesterol metabolism and bile acid regulation.1,4,5 It has been reported that guggulsterone does not exert its lipid effects on mice lacking FXR. Other publications have proposed that guggul may inhibit lipogenic enzymes and HMG-Co A reductase in the liver.14,15 increase uptake of cholesterol by the liver via stimulation of LDL receptor binding.13 directly activate the thyroid gland.7,6,8,16 and/or increase biliary and fecal excretion of cholesterol.15
  • Antioxidant effects: Guggul extracts have been reported to possess antioxidant properties17 possibly mediating protection against myocardial necrosis18,19.
  • Platelet effects: Guggulipid has been found to inhibit platelet aggregation and increase fibrinolysis.9,2,10,11
  • Anti-inflammatory: the results of several studies suggest possible anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic activities of guggul.20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28 On a per-microgram basis, guggulipid appears to be significantly less potent than indomethacin or hydrocortisone.23 Possible effects on high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) have recently been observed in a clinical trial.3


  • Insufficient available evidence.

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