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Labrador tea (Ledum palustre)

Labrador tea (Ledum palustre) Image
Synonyms / Common Names / Related Terms
Bog tea, finnmarkspors, getpors, Hudson's Bay tea, James tea, marsh tea, mose-post, muskeegobug aniibi (Ojibwe), muskeko-pukwa (Cree), skvattram, St. James tea, sumpf-porst, suopursu, swamp growing tea, swamp tea, vildpors, wish-a-ca-pucca (Chpewyan).

Mechanism of Action


  • Constituents: Secondary sources report that the leaves of Labrador tea contain tannins.1 The leaves may also contain gallic acid, a bitter substance, wax, resin, and salts.
  • Secondary sources report Labrador tea may contain ledol, a poisonous substance that causes paralysis and cramps. Overdoses may also cause violent headache and symptoms of intoxication.


  • Insufficient available evidence.


  1. Grieve, M. A Modern Herbal 1984.

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