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Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea)

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Aaron's rod, acetylene, astragalin, beta-amyrin acetate, beta-dictyopterol, blue mountain tea, Canadian goldenrod, cinnamate, clerdane diterpene, early goldenrod, echte guldenroede (Dutch), elongatolide C, elongatolide E, European goldenrod, flavonoid, golden rod, goldrute, Goldrutenkraut (German), hydroxybenzoates, hyperoside, inulin, isoquercetin, kaempferol, kaempferol-3-O-rutinoside, leicarposide, liberty tea, liu chi nu ts'ao, methyl 3,5-di-O-caffeoyl quinate, nicotiflorin, oleanolic acid, phenolic acid, phenolic glucoside, polygalic acid, polysaccharide, quercetin, rutin, saponin, solidago, Solidago canadenis, Solidago gigantea, Solidago nemoralis, Solidago odora, Solidago serotina, Solildago spathulata, Solidago virgaurea, solidagolactone, tannin, trans-phytol, vara de oro, wound weed, wound wort, Yahudiotu, yellow weed.

Combination product examples: Phytodolor® (aspen, common ash, goldenrod).

Note: Avoid confusion with mullein, which is also referred to as goldenrod and with rayless goldenrod which is a species from the same family as goldenrod

Note: This monograph primarily discusses Solidago virgaurea.

Mechanism of Action


  • Constituents: Goldenrod contains trans-phytol, ent-germacra-4(15),5,10(14)-trien-1alpha-ol, beta-amyrin acetate, ent-germacra-4(15),5,10(14)-trien-1beta-ol, beta-dictyopterol, oleanolic acid, kaempferol, kaempferol-3-O-rutinoside, methyl 3,5-di-O-caffeoyl quinate, and 3,5-di-O-caffeoyl quinic acid.20 The aerial parts of Solidago virgaurea contain virgaureasaponin 322 and acylated bisdesmosidic triterpenoid glycosides of polygalacic acid (2 beta, 3 beta, 16 alpha, 23-tetrahydroxyolean-12-en-28-oic acid)23.
  • Unsupported sources claim that the primary chemical constituents of goldenrod include saponins (based on polygalic acid), clerdane diterpenes (including elongatolide C, elongatolide E, and solidagolactones I-VII ), phenolic glucosides (leicarposide), flavonoids (astragalin, hyperoside, isoquercetin, nicotiflorin, quercetin, and rutin), inulin, essential oil, tannins, acetylenes, cinnamates, hydroxybenzoates, polysaccharides, and phenolic acids.
  • The closely related Solidago canadensis contains both enantiomers of germacrene D and lesser amounts of germacrene A, alpha-humulene, and beta-caryophyllene24, and 2'-hydroxy-4',6'-di-O-beta-d-glucopyranosyl-butyrrophenone25.
  • Analgesic effects: In an in vitro study, Solidago virgaurea extract had biological activity with receptors implicated in the mediation of pain11
  • Antifungal effects: In an in vitro study, triterpenoid glycosides obtained from Solidago virgaurea L. inhibited the growth of human-pathogenic yeasts (Candida and Cryptococcus species).12,13
  • Anti-inflammatory effects: A hydro-alcoholic extract of goldenrod has shown anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in inflammation models.6 In an animal study, a 46% ethanolic extract from goldenrod significantly reduced (p<0.05) the intensity of inflammation in Freund's adjuvant-induced arthritis of rat paw.7 In an in vitro study, Solidago virgaurea extract inhibited dihydrofolate reductase with an I50 value of 0.6% (volume/volume).21
  • Leiocarposide, a constituent of goldenrod, showed anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects after subcutaneous administration to rats and mice.8
  • Antimicrobial effects: In an in vitro study, extracts of Solidago virgaurea and Solidago graminifolia had amebostatic activity against pathogenic Acanthamoeba spp.14
  • Antitumor effects: In vitro studies have shown immunomodulatory effects on murine spleen and thymus cells and on human mononuclear cells.9 Virgaureasaponin E, a constituent found in goldenrod, has shown in vivo antitumor effects in mice.10 In an in vitro study, saponins from Solidago virgaurea L. showed cytotoxicity in YAC-1- and P-815-tumor cells.26 An active, water soluble component from Solidago virgaurea leaves exhibited strong cytotoxic activities on various tumor cell lines, including human prostate (PC3), breast (MDA435), melanoma (C8161), and small cell lung carcinoma (H520).27 These results were supported in vivo in a rat prostate cancer model with intraperitoneal and subcutaneous administration of a Solidago virgaurea fraction.
  • Cardiovascular effects: In animal studies goldenrod extract had hypotensive effects.17,18
  • Diuretic effects: In animal studies, goldenrod extract containing 0.3% flavonoids has shown a significant diuretic effect in rats.1 Another rat study using oral Solidago virgaurea flavonoids also showed a 57-88% increase in overnight diuresis; overnight excretion of potassium and sodium decreased and calcium excretion increased.19 Leiocarposide, a constituent of goldenrod has been shown to have a diuretic effect after oral or intra-peritoneal administration to rats and also inhibited growth of implanted human urinary calculi in the rat bladder.2,3,4,5
  • Muscular contraction activity: In one in vitro study, Solidaginis virgaurea extract inhibited carbachol-induced muscarinic receptor-mediated contraction of rat and human bladder tissues.15 In an animal study, a 60% hydroethanolic extract from goldenrod inhibited acetycholine-induced contractions of guinea pig ileum.16
  • Neurological effects: In animal studies goldenrod had sedative effects.17,18


  • Animal studies have shown that leiocarposide, a constituent of goldenrod, is excreted mostly unchanged in the urine after parenteral administration.28 Leiocarposide is also broken down in the colon of rats.


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