Proligo® Phosphoramidites and Reagents for Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Synthesis Supports

Controlled Pore Glass (CPG) hasproven to be the most acceptedsupports for the chemical synthesisof DNA and RNA. Features includehigh surface area, efficient masstransfer and chemical inertness.

Controlled Pore Glass

Detritylation & Activation

Coupling takes place once theDMT groups are removed throughthe detritylation mechanismutilizing TCA.

Detritylation Products:


Activator solutions are mixed withsolutions of phosphoramiditesduring the extension step. Theactivator reacts with the amiditegroup to form a highly reactiveintermediate. The intermediatethen forms an internucleotidebond with the detritylated 5′hydroxylgroup of the growing oligonucleotidechain.

Activation Product:



Phosphoramidite monomers are added through the coupling mechanism utilizing the following products:

Coupling Products:

DNA Amidites
  (Standard and Fast Deprotection)
RNA Amidites
  (Standard and Fast Deprotection)
Dyes and Label

Capping & Oxidation

Stabilization of the reactions andefficiency of the yield is achievedthrough oxidation and capping.

Capping Products:

Cap A
Cap B

Oxidization Products:


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