Protein Sample Purification

Affinity purification is based on the specific interaction of a target molecule with an immobilized ligand. MilliporeSigma offers a broad portfolio of tools for affinity purifying tagged recombinant proteins, antibody purification, nucleic acid purification, protein-protein interaction studies, and albumin/IgG depletion from serum or plasma. For extremely fast and easy protein purification, trust our PureProteome™ magnetic bead protein purification systems, which feature low nonspecific binding and minimal sample loss. Conventional protein purification methods require centrifugation to pellet, followed by careful aspiration to avoid losing sample. Magnetic beads are isolated using a magnetic stand, enabling total removal of buffers and complete recovery of beads with no sample loss.

Protein purification magnetic beads vs agarose beads

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PureProteome™ magnetic bead protein purification
systems workflow