Protein Sample Concentration

When downstream quality matters, make sure your upstream tools are the best. The last steps of preparing a protein sample for downstream analyses, such as activity assays or structural studies, involve ensuring that the protein is in its native, soluble form, dissolved in the buffer of choice, and at an appropriate concentration. Our membrane-based technologies, including tangential flow filtration (TFF)-based separation, enable fast, easy concentration, desalting and buffer exchange.

 How to Concentrate Your Protein Samples

For reproducible protein assay results, you need to purify your protein of interest without denaturing it, losing its enzymatic activity or binding functions. Concentrate it without compromising yield, even if it’s labile or low in abundance. We offer several fast, gentle, membrane-based options for concentrating and fractionating your protein.

 Nucleic Acid Concentration

Given the ever-increasing complexity of your genetic manipulations, purification and concentration of nucleic acids shouldn’t be a rate-limiting step. With our membrane-based technologies, you can eliminate time-consuming precipitation steps for clean, high yields of DNA or RNA. For higher throughput molecular biology, use our MultiScreen® plate-based tools that allow you to process up to 384 samples at once, either manually or using automation.