Protein Sample Extraction

When purifying proteins for functional or structural studies, the first step is to disrupt the cells or tissue sample and extract the relevant protein fraction. This step is critical because processing methods that require harsh mechanical, chemical, or enzymatic treatments can affect the target protein’s integrity and activity, or otherwise expose it to degradative conditions. Our complete range of reagents and enzymes for cell lysis and protein extraction provide you with an array of options so that you can put together the perfect extraction protocol for your particular cells and protein.

 Reagents for Optimizing Your Protein
 Extraction Protocol

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Protein levels were measured using the Direct Detect™ infrared-based quantitation system by spotting 2 µL of lysate on a Direct Detect™ Assay-free Card and inserting into the instrument. BugBuster® reagent with both Benzonase® nuclease and rLysozyme™ solution yielded lysates with the most 6XHis-CRP. Error bars represent standard deviation of triplicate measurements