Mass Spectrometry

Isotopic Labelled Proteins

Stable isotopic labelled proteins are of great interest to today's proteomics research. The Sigma-Aldrich product offering enables researcher to easily access D, 13C and 15N labelled proteins and peptides whether this is by metabolic, enzymatic and chemical labelling or chemical synthesis.

In addition Sigma-Aldrich does offer all the tools needed for further preparation of your samples for subsequent NMR and MS analysis.

For recombinant protein expression, extraction and purification our product lines consist of cell or tissue type optimised cell lysis reagents, protease inhibitor cocktails and recombinant protein purification tools for many different types of fusion proteins, such as His-tagged protein purification with HIS-Select™, FLAG®-tagged proteins with Anti-FLAG® antibodies, and anti-c-Myc or anti-HA fusion protein purification.

For differential MS analysis we do offer Proteomics grade trypsin and additional proteases, ProteoMass™ MALDI matrices and calibrants, plus the ProteoMass™ guanidination kit for improved sequence coverage and HPLC & UHPLC solvents for LC/MS.

For detailed product listings and more information on our specific products, please refer to the links listed below:

Stable Isotopic labelled Compounds

Recombinant Protein Expression Reagents and Kits

Mass Spectrometry Reagents and Kits

HPLC & UHPLC Solvents for MS and NMR

Shigemi NMR Microtubes

Cell Culture Media, Supplements and Reagents


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