Protein Mass Spectrometry

Kits for MALDI Calibration

The most flexible kits for routine MS calibration.

The expanding field of proteomics involves many unique aspects, particularly in terms of specific reagent needs for MALDI MS analysis. The ProteoMass family of products includes conveniently packaged kits, highly purified matrices and solvents, and a wide range of well-recognized, pre-qualified calibrants. Developed and use-tested specifically for MALDI-MS, each ProteoMass reagent is stringently assayed to ensure optimal MALDI performance and compatibility. Great care is taken to certify the absence of salts and metal ions, improving the ionization efficiency of species of interest and avoiding the generation of ambiguous spectral adducts.
ProteoMass Kits for MALDI Calibration
Specialized packaging eliminates potential introduction of contaminant oils, ions or other substances. Corrosive solvents are provided ready-to-use to minimize handling and promote safety. Because your time is valuable, ProteoMass products also address your needs for expediency and efficiency - thorough processing and convenient packaging allow you to skip time-consuming purification and weigh-up steps, and enable you to focus on the acquisition of quality data. Calibrate, tune and test sensitivity with ProteoMass MALDI Calibration Kits and individual reagents - the answers to your MALDI-MS reagent needs!

Post source decay analysis of P14R using a-cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid as the MALDI matrix. Data was acquired on a Kratos® AXIMA CFR+ system™ in positive ion reflectron mode.

ProteoMass Formats & Components - Available in ProteoMass Kits or individually


Product Code Product Name
MSCAL1 ProteoMass Peptide & Protein MALDI-MS Calibration Kit
MSCAL2 ProteoMass Peptide MALDI-MS Calibration Kit
MSCAL3 ProteoMass Protein MALDI-MS Calibration Kit
MSCAL4 ProteoMass MALDI Calibration Kit
C8982 a-Cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid
S8313 3,5-Dimethoxy-4-hydroxycinnamic acid
B4181 Bradykinin Fragment 1-7 (human)
A8846 Angiotensin II (human)
P2613 P14R (synthetic peptide)
A8346 ACTH Fragment 18-39 (human)
I6154 Insulin oxidized B chain (bovine)
I6279 Insulin (bovine)
C8857 Cytochrome c (equine)
A8971 Apomyoglobin (equine)
A9096 Aldolase (rabbit muscle)
A8471 Albumin (bovine serum) - BSA

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