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Trypsin, Proteomics Grade

Sigma’s family of Proteomics Trypsin products meets all of your proteolytic needs!

  • For traditional digests, Proteomics Grade Trypsin is highly purified, dimethylated to prevent autolysis, and TPCK-treated. Available in 5 x 20 µg vials.
  • Proteomics Grade Trypsin is also available in convenient, 1 µg packages as Trypsin Singles
  • Trypsin Spin Columns enable a 15-minute digest, and are ideal for HPLC-MS sample preparation.
  • The Trypsin In-gel Digest Kit conveniently provides all of the reagents needed to perform this digest, allowing you to focus your attention on sample interrogation.
  • Explore five proven proteases with the Protease Profiler Kit; characterize your protein(s) of interest in detail, and perform double enzymatic digests.


Ordering Information
Description Size Product No. Add to Cart
Trypsin, Proteomics Grade 5 × 20 µg T6567
Trypsin Singles, Proteomics Grade 96 × 1 µg T7575
Trypsin Spin Column, Proteomics Grade 10 Columns TT0010
Trypsin Profile In-Gel Digest Kit 1 Kit PP0100
Protease Profiler™ Kit 1 Kit PP0500


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ProteoMass Kits for MALDI-MS Calibration

Focus on your analysis rather than reagent preparation when you rely on the ProteoMass Family of trusted kits, matrices, and calibrants. The ProteoMass family includes conveniently packaged kits, highly purified matrices and solvents, and a wide range of well-recognized, pre-qualified calibrants.

  • Trust in ProteoMass high quality reagents and focus your attention on acquiring great data.
  • Increase ionization efficiency and reduce spectral adducts; ProteoMass reagents contain minimal salts and metal ions to improve your MALDI specta.
  • Calibrate, tune, and test sensitivity with confidence. ProteoMass calibrants are HPLC purified, prequalified by MALDI-MS, and conveniently measured into 10 nmol vials. ProteoMass matrices are recrystalized to achieve optimal purity, are prequalified to ensure excellent ionization, and conveniently measured into 10 mg vials. ProteoMass solvents are provided premixed and ready-to-use, to minimize handling and promote safety.



ProteoMass Peptide MALDI-MS Calibration Kit

Ordering Information
Description Size Product No. Add to Cart
ProteoMass™ Peptide & Protein Calibration Kit 1 Kit MSCAL1
ProteoMass™ Peptide Calibration Kit 1 Kit MSCAL2
ProteoMass™ Protein Calibration Kit 1 Kit MSCAL3
ProteoMass™ vMALDI™ Calibration Kit 1 Kit MSCAL4


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Expertly designed by chromatographers and mass spectrometrists, the MiniTip C18 pipette tip provides superior sample recovery, increased bed integrity, and enhanced binding capacity for purifying and concentrating mass spectrometry samples. MiniTips’ unique, proprietary adhesive chemistry greatly increases available silica particle surface area, leading to exceptional binding capacity and unsurpassed analyte recovery. The unique solid phase support binds, proteins, peptides, and other analytes retained by reversed phase techniques while withstanding the rigors of repeated draw and dispense cycles without structural degradation.

For optimal purification and concentration of important samples, trust MiniTips!

  • Superior recovery of peptides and proteins
  • Exceptional binding capacity and enhanced affinity
  • Greater sorbent bed stability for cleaner samples


Ordering Information
Description Sizes Product No. Add to Cart
MiniTip™ C18 Micropipette Tips 96, 960 Tips TPSC18


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Universal Proteomics Standard

Developed in collaboration with the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) Proteomics Standards Research Group (sPRG), the Universal Proteomics Standard serves as a complex, well defined, well-characterized reference standard for proteomics laboratories. As a challenging, complex mixture, the Universal Proteomics Standard contains 48 human proteins (5 pmols of each) ranging in molecular weight from 8,000 to 80,000 daltons. Each constituent protein has been HPLC purified and AAA quantitated prior to formulation.

  • Test the power of your analytical strategy
  • Troubleshoot and optimize your analytical protocol
  • Confirm system suitability before analyzing critical samples
  • Normalize analytical results day-to-day or lab-to-lab

Ordering Information
Description Size Product No. Add to Cart
Universal Proteomics Standard Set 1 Set UPS1


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