Mass Spectrometry

The expanding field of proteomics involves many unique requirements, particularly in terms of specific reagent needs for mass spectrometry (MS). Sigma understands and fulfills these mass spectrometry needs throughout your complete workflow.

  • For routine MALDI MS calibration, we offer the ProteoMass MALDI Calibration Kits, as well as individual highly purified ProteoMass MALDI matrices and a wide range of well-recognized, prequalified MALDI MS calibrants.
  • Our SILutions products are high quality calibration and internal standards for mass spectrometry, such as stable isotope labeled (SIL) antibodies (SILuMAb) and proteins (SILuProt).
  • Our line of trypsin products is second to none. Trypsin, Proteomics Grade, offers superior sequence coverage while eliminating ambiguous autolytic MALDI peaks. The Trypsin Profile IGD kit enables fast, efficient, completed digestion from PAGE to MALDI.
  • Through our collaboration with SCIEX, Sigma offers a broad range of tagging chemistries for quantitative proteomics, including ICAT®, iTRAQ®, and mTRAQ®, as well as the CYP450 kits.

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With our targeted selection of kits, tagging reagents, calibrants, and MS standards, Sigma is proud meet your mass spectrometry reagent needs!