Mass Spectrometry

MS Qual/Quant QC Mix

Still Using BSA to Standardize Your Mass Spec QC Runs?

Switch to Sigma’s New MS Qual/Quant QC Mix

MS Qual/Quant QC MixExperience the newest product available in proteomic analysis. MS Qual/Quant QC Mix (Cat. No. MSQC1) allows you to benchmark and monitor the daily performance of both qualitative and quantitative proteomic platforms.


MS Qual/Quant QC Mix is an injection ready standard, optimized to assess platform characteristics including:

Features and Benefits

  • Complexity – defined mixture gives confidence in your instruments analysis
  • Dynamic range – generate data points that simulate the range of real world conditions
  • Predigested – eliminate variability
  • Injection ready – decrease prep time

Qualitative Benefits
Mixture of 6 tryptically digested human proteins

  • Consistent, defined mixture
  • 25-fold concentration range
  • C18 purified

Quantitative Benefits
14 stable isotope labeled (SIL) peptides corresponding to 2–3 tryptic peptides for each protein have been incorporated into the protein digest.

  • Concentration range greater than three orders of magnitude
  • MRM settings and transitions provided
  • Light:Heavy ratios from 50:1 to 1:5
Product No. Description
MSQC1 MS Qual/Quant QC Mix – Proteomics MRM LC-MS Calibration Standard