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ProteoMass™ Guanidination Kit

Discover the advantages for yourself!

  • Identify more samples with greater accuracy and confidence

  • Increase throughput and save time - Only 35 minutes to use the kit vs. 2 hours using traditional methods.

  • Compatibility - Compatible with 1D or 2D PAGE gel bands or spots, as well as complex cell extracts.
ProteoMass Guanidination Kit

View animation for the benefits of the ProteoMass Guanidination Kit.

Dramatically improve sensitivity, increase sequence coverage and identify with greater confidence.

Product Code Product Name Size
MS0100 ProteoMass Guanidination Kit 1 kit

Boost your MALDI-MS sensitivity with the NEW ProteoMass Guanidination Kit! Peptides generated during proteolytic digestion with C-terminal Arginine residues are ionized preferentially over peptides with C-terminal Lysine residues, leading to compromised sequence coverage and limited confidence during peptide mass fingerprint analysis. The ProteoMass Guanidination Kit (MS0100) efficiently and conveniently converts C-terminal Lysine residues to homoarginine, increasing MALDI signal strength and producing enhanced sequence coverage.

MALDI-TOF mass spectrum comparing guanidinated and unguanidinated peptide
MALDI-TOF mass spectrum of the control peptide TNEIVEEQYPTQSLATLESQELGK*. This spectrum represents a 1:1 mixture of guanidinated and unguanidinated peptide.

Dramatic Signal Enhancement
Using the ProteoMass Guanidination Kit

Comparison of Labeled and Unlabeled Transferrin

Comparison of guanidinated and unguanidinated transferrin
Tryptically digested transferrin was modified using the ProteoMass Guanidination Kit. The modified transferrin digest was compared to an unmodified digest using a Kratos Axima CFR+ MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer in the positive ion reflectron mode. Peak intensity was normalized based on the most intense peak in the mass spectra. Only Lysine containing peptides observed in the guanidinated spectrum were assessed. Significant increases in signal intensity were observed for nearly every peptide.

Improved Performance in Peptide Mass Fingerprint Analysis Using the Sigma ProteoMass Guanidination Kit
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Efficient micro-recovery and guanidination of peptides directly from MALDI target spots
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View the Press Release announcing the launch of the New ProteoMass™ Guanidination Kit.
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