Mass Spectometry

Proteomics Standards

We provide a wide range of proteomics standards designed specifically for mass spectrometry applications. Highly characterized protein and peptide mixtures are available for applications ranging from MS instrument performance to specific post translational analysis. All products are produced with the highest levels of quality and are designed specifically for your proteomics applications.

Universal Proteomics Standards (UPS):  The Universal Proteomics Standard (UPS1) and the Proteomics Dynamic Range Standard (UPS2) products are complex, well-defined, well characterized reference standards for mass spectrometry. Both standards contain the same 48 human proteins, ranging in molecular mass from 6,000 to 83,000 Daltons.

MS PhosphoMix: The MS PhosphoMix line of 6 phosphopeptide standard mixtures allows for the testing of the strengths and weaknesses of phosphopeptide sample processing, mass spectrometry analysis and instrument configurations.

MS Qual/Quant QC Mix: Product MSQC1 is an injection-ready, LC-MS standard, designed with MRM methodology in mind, to benchmark and monitor daily performance of both qualitative and quantitative proteomic platforms.

MS RT Calibration Mix: Product MSRT1 is an injection-ready LC-MS platform standard for testing properties like LC resolution, peptide elution profiles, and retention time prediction.

SILu™MAb and SILu™Lite Antibody Standards: Products MSQC3 (SILuMAb) and MSQC4 (SILuLite) are universal utility, recombinant IgG1 monoclonal antibody standards that are useful to assess the pharmacokinetic properties of biotherapeutics, such as monoclonal therapeutic antibodies and Fc-fusion therapeutics. SILuMAb is a stable-isotope labeled antibody, while SILuLite is the corresponding unlabeled form of the antibody.

MSCAL Kits for MALDI Calibration: The ProteoMass family of MALDI Calibration Kits is developed and use-tested specifically for MALDI-MS, with configuration to analyze complex mixtures of peptides and proteins over the MW range of 700 Da to 66,000 Da.