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Trypsin Spin Column

Trypsin Spin Columns digest your sample in only 15 minutes! Revolutionize your mass spectrometry sample prep.  

Revolutionize your sample prep!

Traditional tryptic digests can require up to 18 hours, our Trypsin Spin Column can complete the same digest in only 15 minutes!

The ultra-micro spin column contains highly purified, TPCK treated porcine trypsin immobilized on a chemically modified silica support to minimize non-specific adsorption. Eluted peptides are ready for MS analysis with no additional clean-up.

Discover the advantages for yourself!
·  15 minute digestion
·  Ideal for 10 to 100 µg of protein sample
·  Minimal chymotryptic activity
·  No additional clean-up required

Ordering Information
Product No. Product Name
TT0010 Trypsin Spin Column, Proteomics Grade

Picture of the Trypsin Spin Column Package

Each package of 10 contains the following:

  • 10 Trypsin Spin columns, containing
    75 mg (~150 µl) of solid support in a 50% acidic glycerol suspension
  • 20 collection tubes, 2 ml capacity
  • 25 ml of Enzyme Reaction Buffer


From 18 hours to 15 minutes: Reduce Tryptic Digest Time and Achieve Excellent Results

Results using traditional tryptic digestion method, in solution 18 hours, compared to results after just 15 minutes using Sigma's new Trypsin Spin Column.
Protein Sample In Solution
Digest Time: 18 hours
Spin Column
Digest Time: 15 minutes
8 peptides
6 peptides
15 peptides
21 peptides
2 peptides
18 peptides
Carbonic Anhydrase
3 peptides
5 peptides
6 peptides
4 peptides

Figure 1. Sequence coverage and number of peptides identified by MALDI-TOF-MS. A five protein mixture was digested through a standard 18-hour protocol and with the Trypsin Spin Column. Both digests were analyzed by MALDI-TOF-MS and the sequence coverage of each protein calculated. In 4 out of 5 cases, the sequence coverage obtained with the spin column digest was similar to or better than that obtained from the solution digest. The proteins were reduced, alkylated, and digested in urea. The sequence coverage for fumarase (Product No. F1757) and carbonic anhydrase (Product No. C4396) was significantly enhanced with the spin column digestion.

To learn more, visit the following poster.
The Effect of Denaturant Selection on Tryptic Digestion: Comparing Rapid Proteolysis Using Trypsin Spin Columns to Traditional Solution Digestion (267 kb PDF)

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