Biotinylated Peptides

SigmaScreen™ HC Streptavidin Coated Plates, (P9740)
SigmaScreen™ HC Streptavidin Coated Plates Product No: S 6940 (96-well, clear)
Product No: S 8815 (384-well, clear)

Our Streptavidin HC (High-Capacity) multiwell plates are prepared with a highly-porous, high-density streptavidin coating. Streptavidin has similar biotin-binding characteristics as avidin. Streptavidin can bind 4 moles of biotin per mole of protein with high selectivity and affinity (Kd~10-15). Unlike avidin, streptavidin has a near neutral pI that alleviates non-specific binding commonly associated with the basic avidin protein.


These plates provide high capacity affinity binding of biotinylated compounds
making them useful for:
  • Purification of biotinylated compounds from heterogeneous mixtures.
  • Preparation of high capacity affinity matrices for purification of binding partners to immobilized biotinylated compounds.
  • Recovery of binding partners and/or biotin compounds for subsequent analysis, e.g. mass spectrometry (MS) and SDS-PAGE.
  • Recovery of ICAT™ labeled compounds.


Biotin Binding Capacity
Product Number   Minimum pmoles Biotin Binding Capacity per Well
S 6940 96-well 300
S 8815 384-well 150
Capacity for biotin based on binding biotin-fluorescein. Steric hindrance will reduce the capacity of the plate when binding larger (> 5 kDa) molecules.


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