Native Protein

The N-DEGLY Kit is intended for the deglycoslylation of N-linked oligosaccharides from glycoproteins under native conditions. Particular residues, due to their location in the native protein, may be resistant to the traditional deglycosylation methods using PNGase F and cannot be removed by this enzyme unless the protein is denatured. The N-DEGLY Kit utilizes endoglycosidases which are less sensitive to protein conformation than PNGase F and, therefore, more suitable for deglycosylation of native proteins.

Features & Benefits
  • Enzymes included are less sensitive to protein conformation than PNGase F
    Allows the deglycosylation of native proteins
  • Uses highly purified glycosidases, free of contaminating proteases
    No degradation of protein provides reliable, clear data
  • Each reaction deglycosylates 200 µg of glycoprotein
    Yields enough deglycosylated protein for further analysis
  • Contains sufficient reagent for the deglycosylation of approx. 2 mg of protein
    Allows for the processing of multiple samples
Kit Components
    Endoglycosidase F1, F2 and F3
    Endoglycosidase F1 Reaction Buffer
    Endoglycosidase F2 and F3 Reaction Buffer

In contrast to the In-gel Deglycosylation Kit, this following kit is optimized for the removal of glycans from proteins in solution. This can simplify electrophoretic analysis by reducing the heterogeneity normally associated with glycoproteins. The kit is also useful if the protein(s) of interest are not separated by electrophoresis but analyzed by other means.

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