Pngase F

 PNGase F Proteomics Grade, (P7367)

This highly purified and very stable endoglycosidase is optimized for the efficient release of N-linked oligosaccharides known to be important in structure-function analysis. Ideal for post-gel electrophoresis or solution based assays. Suitable for both proteomics and glycobiology applications and compatible with MALDI-TOF MS analysis.

This enzyme is a native glycoaminidase cleaving the link between asparagine and N-acetylglucosamines. Treatment with PNGase allows you to study the N-linked carbohydrates in a single protein or mixture. Whether using electrophoresis, chromatography or another method of glycoprotein isolation, you can use this individually or in conjunction with other glycosidases determine the complete carbohydrate content. Useful in the discovery and analysis of glycomes and potential glycotherapeutics.

Features & Benefits

  • Very stable
    Lyophilized to allow appropriate reconstitution for application and ensure optimal activity
  • Highly Purified
    No degradation from contaminating proteases/glycosidases provides unambiquous MALDI-MS spectra
  • High specific activity
    Efficient and complete removal of available N-linked carbohydrates
  • Low Salt
    No interference in MALDI-MS analysis from contaminant buffer agents
  • Convenient pack sizes
    Use only the enzyme needed and eliminate waste

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 PNGase Fast Proteomics Grade (EMS0001)

PNGase Fast enables complete and rapid deglycosylation of antibodies and immunoglobulin fusion proteins, as well as other glycoproteins, to be prepared for downstream chromatography or mass spectrometry analysis. PNGase Fast creates an optimized workflow, reducing processing time without compromising sensitivity or reproducibility.

Features & Benefits

PNGase Fast is proteomic grade PNGase F combined with a buffer able to yield results similar to a conventional 20-hour protocol with overnight digest while reducing workflow time to about 1 hour with a 15 minute digest. Substrate reduction prior to PNGase Fast treatment is optional, but required for complete deglycosylation of some samples. PNGase Fast buffer and enzyme can be used instead of conventional filter-assisted workflows to allow for comparable results with significant time savings.

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