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Trypsin in Gel

ProteoProfile Trypsin In-Gel Digest Kit, (PP 0100)

In-gel tryptic digests of 1D or 2D acrylamide gels are commonly used in proteomics to identify unknown proteins of interest. The unknown proteins are excised from the gel, digested with trypsin then analyzed via MALDI or HPLC-MS with subsequent database searching. Sigma's ProteoProfile Trypsin In-gel Digest Kit provides a quick and easy method for the digestion of up to 100 samples. The kit contains Proteomics Grade Trypsin and is optimized for polyacrylamide gels stained with Coomassie™ or SYPRO . Orange or Ruby dyes. If silver stained gels are used, a different destaining step is required (ProteoSilver™ Plus, Silver staining kit is recommended, Product Code PROT-SIL2). A destaining solution for silver stained gels is included in the ProteoSilver Plus kit and the gel pieces should be destained according to the included protocol.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes highly purified Proteomics Grade Trypsin
    Trypsin displays only minimal autolytic activity and no chymotryptic activity, which simplifies resulting peptide analysis
  • Detailed protocol
    Easy to follow protocol simplifies the process
  • Works with Coomassie, SYPRO Orange, SYPRO Ruby or ProteoSilver Stained gels
    Allows user a choice of staining methods
  • Resulting samples are suitable for analysis by MALDI-MS
    No further processing needed, saves time


Kit Components
    Proteomics Grade Trypsin
    Destaining Solution
    Trypsin Reaction Buffer
    Biotech Grade Acetonitrile
    Trypsin Solubilization Reagent
    Peptide Extraction Solution

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