Protein Chromatography

Preparative Scale HPLC

Sigma-Aldrich offers a wide variety of preparative scale High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) columns for the proteomics researcher. Our HPLC columns enable you to optimize your separation with respect to retention, resolution, selectivity, and analysis time, all while minimizing method development time. Separations are completely scalable from analytical to preparative.

Discovery® column features
Ascentis® column features
Ascentis Express column features

Discovery Columns:

Discovery BIO Gel Filtration Columns

Discovery BIO Wide Pore C18
Discovery BIO Wide Pore C8
Discovery BIO Wide Pore C5
Discovery BIO PolyMA

Ascentis Express Columns:

Ascentis Express Peptide ES-C18

TSKgel® HPLC Columns:

TSKgel Size Exclusion (SW-Type) Gel Filtration Columns
TSKgel Anion Exchange Columns
TSKgel Cation Exchange Columns
TSKgel Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
TSKgel Reversed-Phase (Polymeric)
TSKgel Affinity Columns


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