Protein Electrophoresis

Coomassie Stains

We offer a selection of Coomassie® protein stains suitable for a variety of electrophoresis procedures. EZBlue™ and Brilliant Blue Coomassie® stains are designed specifically for staining proteins in SDS-PAGE gels.

Refer to our Staining Reagents Selection Chart to choose the right stain for your biomolecule of interest.

 EZBlue™ Gel Staining Reagent (G1041)

Convenient, sensitive, and safe, EZBlue™ Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 colloidal protein stain improves protein electrophoresis signal-to-noise ratios while significantly reducing staining time.

EZBlue™ Reagent Features and Benefits:

  • Premixed solution eliminates time and effort of stain preparation; no need to add methanol or acid
  • Colloidal stain reacts only with proteins, not the gel itself
  • Increased sensitivity ensures that low abundance proteins can be detected (as little as 5 ng)
  • Rapid reaction reduces the amount of time required to stain or rinse
  • No destaining step required athough a water wash may intensify bands and clarify background
  • Eliminates solvent waste so you save the expense of hazardous material disposal

EZBlue™ Staining Procedure

  1. Following electrophoresis, remove gel from cassette and place in tray on a rotary shaker
  2. Wash gel 3 times in water, 5 minutes agitation each wash
  3. Add EZBlue™ Staining Reagent
  4. Agitate for 1 hour
  5. Decant
  6. Optional: Wash in water (agitate 1 hour to overnight) to intensify protein signal
Product #  Product Name Size
G1041 EZBlue™ Gel Staining Reagent 500 mL
3.8 L


 Brilliant Blue G Concentrate

Brilliant Blue G Concentrate is a Coomassie G-250 methanol-based stain designed for protein detection in polyacrylamide and agarose gels. Because this stain contains methanol and acetic acid, gels require no fixing step prior to staining. Each bottle dilutes to 1 L with water.

Product #  Product Name Size
B8522 Brilliant Blue G Concentrate 1 bottle


 Brilliant Blue R Staining Solution

Brilliant Blue R Staining Solution is designed specifically for staining protein in SDS-PAGE and agarose gels. Because this stain contains ethanol and acetic acid, gels require no fixing step prior to staining. The gel is immersed in staining solution for 30 minutes and destained with 10% acetic acid.

Product #  Product Name Size
B6529 Brilliant Blue R Staining Reagent 1 L


 Commonly used recipes for SDS-PAGE staining

SDS-PAGE Coomassie® staining solution

1.25 g Coomassie® blue R-250 (Product No. B7920)

225 mL methanol (Product No. 34860)

225 mL Milli-Q® water

50 mL glacial acetic acid (Product No. A9967)


SDS-PAGE destaining solution

300 mL methanol (30%)

100 mL acetic acid (10%) (Product No. A9967)

600 mL Milli-Q® water