Protein Electrophoresis

ProteoSilver ProteoSilver Plus

Highly sensitive ProteoSilver and ProteoSilver Plus are ideal products for any proteomics scientist. Both kits contain prepared solutions of silver staining reagents along with detailed instructions to achieve optimal results. With a detection limit of 0.1 ng/mm 2 of protein (BSA) and an extremely low background, ProteoSilver leads to superior detection of low abundance proteins. ProteoSilver Plus is MALDI-MS compatible and does not contain glutaraldehyde, which crosslinks lysine residues, resulting in inaccurate spectra. This kit contains two additional reagents for destaining an excised protein spot, for those wishing to perform further characterization through tryptic digest and MALDI-MS analysis. Both kits contain sufficient reagents for staining 25 mini-gels.

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-mixed and pre-weighed solutions reduce time and cost of purchasing and preparing individual components
  • High sensitivity and low background ensure very low abundance proteins can be detected and resolved from other proteins
  • MALDI-compatible. Protein spots of interest can be further characterized by mass spectrometry using ProteoSilver Plus


ProteoSilver and ProteoSilver Plus Staining Kits Image

Flow Diagram for ProteoSilver Plus Destaining

Flow Diagram for ProteoSilver™ and ProteoSilver Plus Staining

Protein Stains Selection Chart

Product #  Product Name Size
PROT-SIL1 ProteoSilver 1 kit
PROTSIL2 ProteoSilver Plus 1 kit

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