Western Blotting

Protein MW Markers

Choose prestained markers or biotinylated marker for use in Western blotting analysis. Prestained markers contain proteins conjugated to brilliantly colored dyes. Our biotinylated marker contains biotin conjugated proteins easily detected with a Streptavidin Peroxidase conjugate and color development reagent. Use Strep•Tag® II Perfect Protein™ Markers if you are using the Strep•Tag® II monoclonal antibody (Product No. 71590) for the immunodetection of your Western blot.


Product #  Product Name MW Range (Da)
SDS7B2 Prestained Molecular Weight Marker (27,000-189,000)
B2787 Biotinylated Molecular Weight Marker (6,500-180,000)
C1992 ColorBurst™ Electrophoresis Marker (8,000-220,000)
C6210 Color Marker Ultra-Low Range (1,060-26,600)
71614 Strep•Tag® II Perfect Protein™ Markers, 16–100 kDa, Lyophilized (16,000-100,000)