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Choose from over 70,000 primary and secondary antibodies tested in Western blot, to tailor your workflow to your target. Our antibody portfolio is unique in that it’s backed by application-specific, antibody manufacturing expertise. Browse all antibodies using the Antibody Explorer.

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Full credit or replacement if our antibody doesn’t perform in your application – now you can evaluate with peace of mind.

 How are Antibodies Tested in Western Blot?

Learn exactly how our Prestige® Antibodies are tested for Western blot performance.

Western blots supporting the Prestige® antibodies being tested specifically detect their target in this application. Antibody Product No. HPA000898, Anti-HSPA9, target weight: 74 kDa. Lane 1: Marker [kDa]: 206,113,82,49,32,26,17.8; Lane 2: RT-4; Lane 3: U-251MG sp; Lane 4: A-431; Lane 5: Liver; Lane 6: Tonsil.

 White Paper: Improve reproducibility with the right antibody

Before you blot, download our popular white paper to learn what experts recommend:

  • Eight Questions to Consider When Selecting an Antibody Vendor
  • Techniques for Evaluating Antibodies
  • Tips for Storing and Using Antibodies

 Western Blotting Learning Center

Visit our library of technical resources for protocols, tips, videos, and to request our Western blotting wall poster.