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FluoroProfile Kit

Shed new light on your protein quantification.
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FluoroProfile™ (Product No. FP0010) is significantly more sensitive than existing colorimetric methods, and exhibits a larger linear dynamic range than other fluorometric methods. Results are achieved in 20 minutes and reversible binding of the fluorophore allows for MS, HPLC, Edman degradation and other downstream assays. FluoroProfile also uses the water-soluble fluorophore epicocconone allowing for safe, economical disposal.
Sensitive - Detects over three orders of magnitude down to 40 ng/ml

Simple - Results available in 20 minutes and stable for six hours

Safe - Water soluble, biodegradable fluorophore enables safe, economical disposal


Experience these additional benefits:


  • Wide dynamic range, over 3-orders of magnitude - reduce dilution requirements prior to assay
  • Low protein-protein variability - improve confidence of accuracy for complex samples
  • No time-consuming heating and protein reduction steps - eliminates additional steps and speeds processing
  • Assay tolerates interfering compounds (DNA and solubilizing reagents) - eliminates additional steps, such as precipitation to remove buffers or detergents that may alter protein content
  • Stable for up to 6 hours - allows freedom to perform additional work concurrently
  • No strong solvents and acids - improves safe handling
  • No special instrument requirements - Designed for use in a wide range of fluorescence measuring instruments


Order Information


Product Code Product Name Size
FP0010 FluoroProfile Protein Quantification Kit 1 KT


Figure 1: Excitation and Fluorescence Emission Spectra

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Figure 2: Typical Standard Curve

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Figure 3: Fluorescence Signal Variation with Different Proteins

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Interfering Compounds


Compound Concentration
         CHAPS        0.05%  
         SDS        0.1%  
         Thiourea        500 mM  
         EDTA        20 mM  
         NaCl        100 mM  
         TBP        10 mM  
         Urea        1 M  
         TCEP        2 mM  
         Glycerol        25%  
         Iodoacetamide        20 mM  
         2-Mercaptoethanol        20 mM  
         Sucrose        250 mM  
         Tris        500 µM  
         TRITON™ X-100        0.002 %  
         TWEEN®        0.005 %  


Note: This is not a complete list of incompatible compounds. One may assay the protein of interest in ultrapure water alone, then in sample buffer with possible interfering substances. Comparison of the readings will indicate if interference exists. Alternatively, the interfering substance may be removed using dialysis or protein precipitation using the ProteoPrep® Protein Precipitation Kit (PROT-PR).
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