Protein Quantitation

QuantiPro™ High Sensitivity Protein Assay Kit

Why settle for common methods?
Achieve superior performance with QuantiPro™ Protein determination is one of the most common types of analysis performed in biochemical research. That doesn't mean you should settle for common methods. A new generation of protein assay kits from Sigma-Aldrich has arrived. The QuantiPro bicinchoninic acid (BCA) Assay Kit (QP-BCA) is the perfect match for high-throughput screening and multiwell assays. Because it's more sensitive than other procedures, QuantiPro provides more accurate results, with less variability. You gain the edge with precise, accurate, reproducible results - every time.

It's all about dependability.
QuantiPro relies on the formation of a copper-protein complex under alkaline conditions. BCA forms a purple-blue complex, which provides the basis to monitor the amount of protein present. The color complex is stable, so you can step away from your research with the knowledge that accurate results await your return. In addition, BCA is the reliable, preferred method for quantitation in the presence of detergents.

Each QuantiPro BCA Kit Contains:

QuantiPro Buffer QA
QuantiPro BCA QB
Copper(II) sulfate, pentahydrate, 4% (w/v) solution
Protein Standard Solution

250 mL
250 mL
12 mL
10 ampules of 1.0 mL each

BCA Protein Compatibility Chart

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QP-BCA QuantiPro BCA Assay Kit 1 kit

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