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Seppro® Protein Depletion

Overcome protein sample complexity – Separate with Sigma's Seppro Depletion Technology
Sigma's Seppro Depletion Technology enables removal of interfering highly abundant proteins from a variety of biological samples using the affinity of avian polyclonal IgY antibodies. This removal unmasks low abundance proteins of interest for further investigation.

Breakthrough-Seppro Protein Depletion Now Used in Blood Tests
Integrated Diagnostics has developed a 13-protein blood-based classifier that is able to distinguish between benign and malignant lung nodules. This is made possible by using Seppro Human 14 and Seppro Supermix to remove the 14 highest abundant proteins along with 50-200 medium abundant proteins allowing for increased sensitivity below 10 ng/mL. MRM-mass spec was then used to identify the 13-protein classifiers. Read the paper published in Science Translational Medicine for more details about the discovery.

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Seppro Human
Remove the top 14 highly abundant proteins in human plasma/serum. Further deplete moderately abundant proteins with the Human SuperMix column.
Seppro Mouse
Remove the top 7 highly abundant proteins in mouse plasma/serum. Further deplete moderately abundant proteins with the Mouse SuperMix column.
Seppro Rat
Remove the top 7 highly abundant proteins in rat plasma/serum.

Seppro Plant
Remove highly abundant RuBisCO from plant samples.

Seppro SuperMix
Further refine your protein sample - Deplete moderately abundant proteins with Human or Mouse SuperMix columns.
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