Protein Analysis

X-Ray Crystallography

Achieve superior results in protein analysis with crystallography kits from Sigma. These kits are designed and qualified to help researchers determine the optimal conditions for growing protein crystals reliably and reproducibly. Using efficient sparse matrix screening, Sigma crystallography kits are compatible with key crystallography techniques such as hanging, sitting, or sandwiched drops in vapor diffusion, and with free-layer or membrane-bound diffusion. Each kit offers a combination of high-purity buffers, salts, and precipitants to allow the exploration of salting-out, salting-in, cryo-resistance, or micelle-mediated crystallization of proteins. Optimized protocols are included to simplify and refine the initial screening and growing of macromolecular crystals. Researchers can now achieve reliable results with a minimum investment of time, effort, and macromolecular samples.