Cell Lysis & Protein Expression

Bacterial Cell Lysis

CelLytic products are a family of protein extraction reagents specifically formulated to lyse and extract cellular proteins based on the type of expression system. CelLytic proprietary formulations for bacterial cell lysis are available in a range of products specific to your protein extraction needs including solubilizing inclusion bodies, concentrated formulations for scale-up, and convenience products. Overall protein extraction efficiency is consistently higher than other common protocols, such as freeze-thawing or sonication.

The CelLytic cell lysis and protein extraction formulations are compatible with a wide variety of protease inhibitors, chelating agents, and chaotropes. The proteins are in a non-denaturing environment, CelLytic formulations for bacterial cells do not interfere with standard affinity chromatography techniques. Downstream applications, such as Western blots, gel-shift assays, affinity purification, and reporter detection can be performed without removing the CelLytic reagent.

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