Bacterial Cell Lysis

CelLytic Express Tablets

All the advantages of CelLytic™ Express now in a tablet format. Efficient and non-denaturing in-culture protein extraction.

  • Save time by eliminating centrifugation steps
  • Preserve biological activity with less sample manipulations
  • Includes enzymes for complete lysate clarification
  • Compatible with affinity resins and magnetic beads
  • Ideal for Production Scale Extraction protocols


For lysis of bacterial cultures and direct affinity purification- Eliminating the need for centrifugation!

Product #  Product Name Package Size
C5491 CelLytic™ Express Tablets 25 ea
100 ea

Compatible with Affinity Purification
  1        2         3        4   
In-culture lysis of BL21 <E. coli</i>

Lane 1 - Wide MW Marker (M4038)

Lane 2 - CelLytic Express Lysate

Lane 3 - Column Flow-Through

Lane 4 - Elution

CelLytic Express was used for direct, in-culture lysis of BL21 E. coli cells expressing a Metal Affinity Tag (MAT) protein and cultured in Terrific Broth (T9179). The lysate was then immediately purified using the HIS-Select Nickel Affinity Gel (P6611) by standard methods.

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