Bacterial Cell Lysis

CelLytic Express

Sigma-Aldrich introduces CelLytic™ Express, a non-denaturing and highly efficient protein extraction formulation for in-culture bacterial cell lysis. This proprietary, powder formulation extracts 2-3 times more protein than conventional methods such as sonication. CelLytic Express saves time by eliminating centrifugation steps required for cell harvest and clarification of lysate. In addition, the method is fast and requires less sample manipulations, reducing proteolytic degradation and preserving recombinant protein activity. Unlike other in-culture lysis products, CelLytic Express is a complete formulation including lysozyme and DNase I. The resulting lysate is completely clear of cellular debris, and is immediately ready for affinity purification and is compatible with products such as the HIS-Select™ Affinity Gels and FLAG® Affinity Gel. It also makes possible "one-tube" purifications with magnetic bead formats, such as Glutathione magnetic beads. CelLytic Express is unique in that this powder formulation adds minimal volume to the final lysate. It also makes large-scale extraction faster, more convenient and it provides a method that is easier to validate for production protocols.

Convenient package sizes that are pre-weighed powder suitable for indicated culture volumes.

Product #  Product Name Package Size
C1990 CelLytic™ Express 10 x 25 ml
6 x 500 ml

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  Terrific Broth (T9179) culture containing BL21 E. coli cells expressing a MAT™ protein were lysed using various methods. The lysates were purified using HIS-Select™ Nickel Affinity Gel (P6611) and eluted protein was measured using Bradford reagent (B6916).

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