Cell Lysis & Protein Expression

Mammalian Cell Lysis

CelLytic products are a family of protein extraction reagents specifically formulated to lyse and extract cellular proteins based on the type of expression system. All are meant to rapidly lyse the cells with an easy-to-follow protocol. The CelLytic family is compatible with a wide variety of protease inhibitors, chelating agents, and chaotropes. Because the proteins are in a non-denaturing environment, these reagents do not interfere with standard affinity chromatography. Downstream applications, such as Western blots, gel-shift assays, affinity purification, and reporter detection can be performed without removing the CelLytic reagent. Overall extraction efficiency is consistently higher than other common protocols, such as freeze-thaw or sonications. Although each CelLytic is uniquely formulated, all are flexible enough to be conveniently scaled up to meet any laboratory’s needs.

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