Mammalian Cell Lysis

CelLytic M

CelLytic M is a proprietary detergent solution designed for efficient whole-cell protein extraction from cultured mammalian cells (Figure 1). It enables efficient and rapid cell lysis and solubilization of proteins for both suspension and adherent cells. Treatment of adherent cells does not require scraping from culture disk. Lysates can be used in many downstream applications without removing the CelLytic M such as reporter gene assays, Western blots / immunoprecipitation, electrophoretic mobility shift assays, phosphatase assays and kinase asssays.

Use 125 µl of CelLytic M for 106-107 of suspended cells. For adherent cells, use 500-1,000 µL for a 100 mm plate; 200-400 µL for a 35 mm plate.

Product #  Product Name Package Size
C2978 CelLytic M Cell Lysis Reagent 50 ml
250 ml

Figure 1. Comparison of Extraction Efficiency
2 x 107 COS cells were washed and divided into equal aliquots, then lysed by one of the methods indicated. Protein amounts were determined by a BCA assay.

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