Plant Cell Lysis

CelLytic PN

This kit is for the rapid isolation of nuclei and extraction of functional nuclear proteins from plant leaves (Figure 1). Nuclei or nuclear proteins can be extracted from a few grams to hundreds of grams of fresh or frozen leaves. The nuclear protein extract is suitable for the detection of DNA-protein interactions using gel-shift assay, DNase-I footprinting analysis, as well as Western blot assay and similar techniques. The isolated nuclei can also be used as a source for chromatin, genomic DNA, RNA, etc. The kit provides a detailed protocol for nuclei isolation and protein extraction from four plant models: tobacco, tomato, spinach, and arabidopsis.

Product #  Product Name Package Size
CelLyt-PN-1 CelLytic P Cell Lysis Kit 1 kit

Figure 1. Detection of RNA polymerase II in Tomato Nuclear versus Cytoplasmic extracts, prepared with CelLytic PN Kit.
The Extracts were run on SDS-PAGE and blot-hybridized to anti-RNA Polymerase II antibody.

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