Cell Lysis & Protein Expression

Yeast Cell Lysis

CelLytic™ Y

CelLytic Y Cell Lysis Reagent is versatile, phosphate-free, and non-denaturing. It provides an effective method for cell lysis and protein solubilization (Figure 1). Target proteins maintain immunoreactivity or biological function. The protocol is brief and performed at room temperature. No extreme conditions or glass beads are required. Use only 2.5-5 ml/gram of yeast cells. Supplement with DTT (5 mM) for enhanced protein yield.

Product #  Product Name Package Size
C 4482 CelLytic Y Cell Lysis Reagent 50 ml
500 ml

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CelLytic Y Plus Kit (CYP-1)

Our Yeast Enzymatic Lysis Kit provides a convenient method for a highly efficient spheroplast formation and protein extraction from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Pichia Pastoris and Schizosaccharomyces pombe yeast strains. The procedure employs spheroplast formation by enzymatic digestion of the yeast cell wall followed by cell protein extraction (with or without detergent), while avoiding protein degradation and interference with protein immunoreactivity and biological activity.

Kit Components

  Reaction buffer
Lyticase (1 ml solution, 25 units/µl)
Extraction buffer
10% Triton® X-100
Protease Inhibitor Cocktail
120 ml
5 ml
25,000 units
60 ml
10 ml
2 ml

Product #  Product Name Package Size
CYP-1 CelLytic Y Plus Kit 1 kit

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