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A major disadvantage of affinity-based molecular pull-down and immunoprecipitation procedures is that the affinity matrix is difficult to see in the microcentrifuge tube following centrifugation steps.

To facilitate speed and accuracy, we have developed a dye-conjugated agarose for our EZview™ Red Affinity Gels. The vivid red color of the affinity beads provides high visibility that allows easy differentiation of the pellet from the supernatant, therefore reducing the risk of accidental aspiration of the pellet and allowing for less tedious manipulations.

Maximize yields: Clear meniscus definition for improved target protein recovery
Reproducibility: Avoid sample loss through accidental aspiration of the pellet
Convenience: Highly visible agarose give you the speed and confidence

Technical Poster:
Affinity Capture Resins With Enhanced Visibility (80 kb PDF)


Figure 1. EZview™ Red Protein A Affinity Gel (left, Product Code: P6486) has enhanced visibility compared to standard, non-colored Protein A Agarose (right, Product Code: P2545) Figure 2. EZview™ Red Protein Affinity Gel (Product Code: P2545) recovered a similar amount IgG. Different amounts (50 ug, 12.4 ug and 2.5 ug) of ANTI-FLAG® M2 Monoclonal Antibody (Product Code: F3165) were spiked into COS-7 lysates (107 cells in 1 mL RIPA buffer). The mouse IgG was recovered using standard protein A agarose (White, lanes 1-3) or EZview™Red Protein A Affinity Gel (Red, lanes 4-6) in a mock IP experiment. After washing, the bound proteins were eluted and subjected to SDS-PAGE. The gels was stained with colloidal blue stain (EZBlue™ Gel Staining Reagent, Product Code: G1041).

Ordering Information:

Product # Product Name
E6654 EZview™ Red Anti-c-Myc
F2426 EZview™ Red Anti-FLAG® M2
E6406 EZview™ Red Glutathione
E6779 EZview™ Red Anti-HA
E3528 EZview™ Red HIS-Select® HC
P6486 EZview™ Red Protein A
E3403 EZview™ Red Protein G
E5529 EZview™ Red Streptavidin

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