Purification & Detection

HIS-Select® Technology

A Highly Selective Chemistry for HIS-tagged Protein Purification

Our HIS-Select products have the ability to purify histidine-tagged proteins quickly and with high selectivity. This is due to HIS-Select's patented, non-charged, hydrophilic nickel chelate linkage. This non-charged linkage greatly diminishes non-specific binding. Most other systems for histidine-tagged protein purification utilize a charged chelate linkage. The tetradentate chelator used in the HIS-Select products results in greatly reduced nickel leaching and in high specificity for purification or affinity capture of your histidine-tagged protein. In addition, HIS-Select eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming secondary purification of your protein, allowing for One-step-purification.

HIS-tagged proteins

  • High Selectivity for Higher Purity
  • Non-charged, hydrophilic linkage reduces non-specific binding
  • Pure tetradentate chelate for minimal metal leaching
  • One-step purification

What's New!


Resins Convenient Formats Plates
  • Nickel Affinity Gel
  • High Flow Nickel Affinity Gel
  • HIS-Select Cobalt Affinity Gel
  • IMAC-Select Affinity Gel
  • HIS-Select iLAP® 5 ml Column
  • Cartridge
  • Spin Column
  • EZview™ Red Nickel Affinity Gel
  • High Capacity Nickel Coated Plates
  • High Sensitivity Nickel Coated Plates
  • HIS-Select Filter Plates
  • Trypsin
  • Maldi Kits
  • CelLytics
  • ProteoQwest Kits
  • ProteoSilver
  • HIS-Select Wash & Elution Buffers


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HIS-Select and products are covered by US Patent No 6,623,655 and are sold for research use only. Commercial use of our HIS-Select, PHOS-Select, iLAP and IMAC products require additional licenses.